IBO, International Baccalaureate Organization, is an international foundation set up in Geneva in 1968. For over 48 years it has been offering proven and modern didactic programmes, focusing on independence in learning and looking for solutions. Schools entering IB programmes base on core curriculums of their countries and have the authorisation of local educational authorities, which helps them to function well in the local society. Yet, thanks to IBO, these schools have the opportunity to implement worldwide didactic trends, too. The aim of IBO is to educate curious, competent and sensitive people who will make the world a better and more peaceful place thanks to their wisdom and understanding of other cultures.

Complete education

IBO offers three educational programmes at different levels:

The Primary Years Programme (PYP) presents schools with a comprehensive plan for high quality, international education. It provides schools with a curriculum framework of essential elements — the knowledge, concepts, skills, attitudes, and action that young students need to equip them for successful lives, both now and in the future.

Schools work with the five elements to construct a rigorous and challenging primary curriculum for international education.

The PYP aims to create a curriculum that is engaging, relevant, challenging and significant for learners in the 3–12 age range. The curriculum is transdisciplinary, meaning that it focuses on issues that go across subject areas.

IBO did not reach Poland until the 90’s and it is currently the most popular in high schools. IBO cooperates with over 3,500 schools all over the world, having over 700,000 students age 3 to 19. The number of schools offering IB programmes worldwide is growing, yet the period of the most rapid development of IB schools is now. During the past five years, the number of schools conducting the IB Diploma exam increased by 750. In comparison, the period between 1975 and 1985 showed a growth of only 150 schools.

Below you will find the list of IBO schools around the world.

Students of the IB Diploma programme in Poland have been laureates and top contestants of national competitions in Science, Philosophy, Maths, Information Technologies, Geography, English, French, German and many more. An IB Diploma certificate opens the door to the best universities in the world, such as Oxford University, Cambridge University, London School of Economics, and Harvard University. IB graduates are often exempt from entrance fees to universities, as well as from additional exams verifying their knowledge of foreign languages. Moreover, some foreign universities offer special scholarships for IB graduates. Many universities offer the possibility to gather credits exempting students from certain courses. Students with exceptionally good results may even be able to begin as second-years.

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