Mikołaj na rozgrzewce

Mid week! Wednesday and Thursday

And so we continue!


Grade 0 (topic – healthy eating). This week the pupils have been looking at healthy and unhealthy eating. Through the adventures of Peppa Pig they see how foods are good for you            




Grade 1 – (topic personal information) The pupils have been learning simple sentences to say their names, their ages, and where they live.


Grade 3 (topic  – self and family) The pupils have continued to build up their bank of sentences about themselves by making a list of their favourite things. My favourite animal, colour, meal,  is…..

Friday 15.09

Today the classes learned……


Grade 0: parts of the body jigsaw and say parts of the body out loud

Grade3: watch youtube video two people meeting for the first time and practise saying their ages/names and telephone numbers

Grade 1: matching up parts of the body with blank diagram